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So the 2nd member of our family is Stormie, a little over a year old weimaraner mix. We rescued her almost a year ago, January 15th, 2013 to be exact. A friend of mine posted her picture from Animal Control on my facebook page. I’d been looking at puppies and dogs for oh, I don’t know, 3 years? Something like that. I’d even went as far as to take one on a trial weekend a few years back, long crazy story. But no dog ever seemed right for us, for me, for Kane. So I called my man, he said sure, we’ll go look at her after work. I was appalled he didn’t want to run down there immediately with me and grab her before someone beat us to her! So I waited, not so patiently, until work was over, rushed home and was ready to go, but he wasn’t, he needed to shower, so I waited even more impatiently and off we went! We got there, asked around, looked at her then I went to stand in line at the counter for help. We’d seen a volunteer taking her out for a walk, we weren’t sure if she was adopted yet, so I was waiting to ask. A family had rushed over to pet her on the way in, not wanting to get my hopes up, I went around and went into the building to find out if she was still adoptable. The family fell in line behind me, the kid was whining about wanting a husky, not THAT dog, meaning Stormie. The lady asked me who I was there for, I said the weimaraner mix, she was upset, saying they were going to adopt her. Anyways long story short, we met her, we adopted her, we broke some lady’s heart. Do I feel bad? Not really, not knowing now what Stormie’s like. She’s cute, she’s cuddly, she is the devil in a small package, well… sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, we love the little monster dearly, we’d never give her back, she’s part of our family forever now. Part of me wishes I knew what the first almost year of her life was like, I feel like it might help me understand her quirks. We do know she was returned to animal control twice, once because the lady was moving, and the 2nd time because of divorce, or so they say. We also know that the most recent “family” said she was crated 8-10 hours a day. Other than that, we really don’t know much about her past. We can speculate about some stuff, but really she’s a mystery sometimes, much like her behavior.

I was very nervous about bringing her home to Kane, but we brought her in, let Kane out and Kane wiggled his little nub at her! I was like yay! he doesn’t hate her! They ran around the house, chased each other, played, drank enough water to sink a ship. Then came bed time, Kane looked expectantly at me like “take her home now, it’s bed time”. He was truly appalled when we didn’t, he growled at her, didn’t want her near him, moved when she got close. I wanted to let her sleep in her crate, my man insisted she sleep in bed with us, just like Kane.  He was not thrilled when he found out she wasn’t leaving, but I really think he’s bonded with her now. She’s obviously bonded with him, the one time I had to take him to the vet and didn’t take her, she sat at home and barked frantically until my man fed her toast to appease her.

She’s fit in fairly nicely with our family, but she reminded me of just how energetic 1 year old dogs can be. She has a few… issues, but we’re working on them or just dealing with them. She likes to chew on your face, she’s WAY better now about not doing it, but if she gets excited she’ll bite your nose. She also freaks out when you end phone calls, throws herself at you and well bites your face, in a loving way. She can jump as high as I am tall, and will. The only person she’s never jumped on is my dad. We have no clue why, but she’s super gentle with him which thrills me to no end. She’s also food obsessed, acts like she hasn’t been fed in eons and occasionally gets a bit…. aggressive about it. We’ve learned to feed her in her crate and it saves Kane from getting bitten again (it’s only happened once), her from eating Kane’s food, and Kane from accidentally getting into her kibble. She also will counter surf, and has no shame about it. We forget and leave something out occasionally but there’s a gate to the kitchen and we try, but accidents happen. And… I hate to admit it, she still pees in her crate when we leave her, I’ve had her checked out to make sure nothing physically was wrong and nothing is, but she still does it. I think she was crated for such long periods of time as a puppy that she just never learned to hold it. So, on the days she’s not at daycare, I do laundry, and we get up once a night, but, it’s just what you do for the ones you love right?

Stormie is almost the polar opposite of Kane, she’s not afraid of much, she loves to climb on top of you and snuggle and demands to be petted. Kane is very standoffish most the time. So in a way it’s kind of nice to have a dog who actually wants me to pet them and doesn’t act like it’s a weird form of torture. So far *knock on wood* she’s been healthy and happy. I can’t really imagine life without her now. I even think Kane misses her the days she goes to daycare.



Yeah, I’m THAT girl.

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So, as if my life isn’t busy enough, I’ve decided to attempt to blog, or write, or whatever. I don’t have any misconstrued notions that anyone might actually read it, and if someone out there is… good lord I’m sorry you stumbled upon this.  I don’t really even know what I’m trying to accomplish by this, but I’ve been forgetful as of lately, so maybe it’s my way of remembering things, in case I get really old and forget who I am even.

Right now, I’m 35 (I just had to use a calculator because I couldn’t remember how old I was! I might actually be losing it). I live with my man, boyfriend, love of my life, (Whatever you want to call him, I just am glad he hasn’t strangled me in my sleep yet) and two of the most crazy, eccentric, totally befuddling dogs (more on these two crazy hoodlums at a later date). I work full time, I go to school part time, I feel like I have no time.

I’d like to say going back to college is the reason I feel like I have no time, that the homework demands are so great that it’s left me with no me time, but really, it’s not. I think I just got old and require that much more down time and there never seems to be enough. It also doesn’t help that I spend my waking hours running frantically around trying to get every little thing done so that I can finally relax. Guess that that results in? You got it, me never getting to relax. So it’s either the house looks like a person or two exploded out of their clothing, neither of us know how to operate the dishwasher, and I’m attempting to make a 3rd dog out of the dog hair collecting on the kitchen floor or.. I clean. So 9 times out of 10, I chose to clean, despite resenting everyone and everything for the fact that I have to do it, and refusing to ask for help. So yeah, kinda my fault, but really he should read my mind and know I want him to sweep right?! Right?! Fine no, it doesn’t work like that.

What I’m actually doing here is avoiding homework. No seriously, I have 2 papers and a midterm coming up next week, who wants to face the reality of that? But seriously, I think I’m here… because I’m missing something. I wasn’t ever the type to have lots of friends, be the life of the party or the one everyone invited, heck I was lucky most the time just for someone to remember I existed. I’ve always been different, weird, not normal, an outsider, THAT girl, the one that never belonged. And lately, that old feeling, that one I thought I’d outgrown, has come back. That feeling of no one understanding, caring, listening, and of having no place in the world. Although lately I’m wondering if not being a part of mainstream society isn’t really all that bad of a thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about going rogue and living in a cabin in the woods with no electricity and no *gasp* internet! But really, even the people I considered some of my best “friends” I’m finding shallow and self centered. So yeah, like maybe this is my attempt to figure out if there really is anyone out there…..